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This is the gift for the part of Ayu’s fandom that once said i should have photoshop taken away from me because of putting her in the same pic with GACKT….here’s the lesson for you suckers: everytime you say this i will eventually come up with something MORE obnoxious to get on your nerves!ENJOY! 

This is the gift for the part of Ayu’s fandom that once said i should have photoshop taken away from me because of putting her in the same pic with GACKT….here’s the lesson for you suckers: everytime you say this i will eventually come up with something MORE obnoxious to get on your nerves!ENJOY! 

Koda Kumi / ‘Bon Voyage’

JYJ / “Just Us” - fanmade cover. I am a bit biased, you can clearly see it here xD

JYJ / “Just Us” - fanmade cover. 
I am a bit biased, you can clearly see it here xD

Empress Of Light

"Forest Spirit" ft. Alan Dawa Dolma

fooling around~

"Catch me if you can!"

"Catch me if you can!"

Challenge Me!

LOL i came up with an idea…. For a month now till the end of june I am going to be taking people’s “requests”. Anyone who has a beloved asian artist/group and can provide me with at least 2-3 HQ (1000 in height and bigger) photoshoot pictures & 3-4 songs from them is free to drop me a message and describe what they would like to see me do. Lets keep it to solo artists and groups from 2-5 people and to ONE act per request. just don’t ask me to make dragons and elfs & similar stuff, i’m not THAT good xD  The ones who will get their stuff picked and done will have a wallpaper version of the work sent to them personally.

I still keep the right to chose what to take upon and what not, so find the best and most interesting pics AND music >D 

I actually need more practicing and want new music too, xD


3,2,1…….. GO.

*looks around*

*Nothing happens*


My personal 10 Photomanipulation Tips.

Hello, folks!

So, I tend to do only image posting here, but yesterday i was thinking, even tho i am no pro, i could totally give people my perspective of things that i think are important to pay attention to, while making an image. In this case i’m going to address photomanipulating. Remember these are MY tips, other people might find something different to work for them. :)

So without further due….

  1. The theme. When you get an idea make sure you somewhat see the finished image in your head. This way it’s much easier to look for resources. Even if you cannot find something exact, you can always try and find something at least close to what you have in mind. It makes it easier to work on the image when you know exactly how you want it to look.
  2. Don’t rush. Spend as much time as you need on details and over all view. You will definitely get better results spending more time on bits and pieces that make the overall image look good. 
  3. Blur/sharpness/stock quality.  I’ve seen people make artworks out of gazillion of images. And they look impressive…….until you zoom them into the full resolution. Be sure quality of stock images is the same in the overall work, because if it’s off and wasn’t fixed it will kill the purpose of photo-manipulating. You need to match everything so they look like they came from the same place. Also next thing make sure you get blur levels right.Things that are further will have less detail and sharpness than things that are closer to the “camera”. Check professional photos of landscapes and people for reference. Imitating the effects of lens blur will give your images so much more depth and interest than leaving them equally sharp at all places, plus it gives more attention to the subject. This also helps out when your stock photos aren’t all of the same quality. 
  4. Highlights/shadows. These are some of the most important things that make it look real. Make sure you get the right shadows in places where they would normally be naturally. Enhancing highlights can also help a lot to give more dimension to the image and/or giving it the fairytale feel, a certain glow. Especially on people. *_*
  5. Colors & toning. first thing you need to do when you’ve put everything to the place is make sure the colors match, especially the colors and brightness of subjects (people,animals etc.) in general it’s much more believable when the mood from the background goes onto the subject. So be sure to color tone everything so it looks like everything is a part of the same environment. ^_^
  6. Perspective. Look for stock pictures that are taken from the same angle, distance, height etc. It is very difficult to make the image look believable if the perspective of the pieces that make it, aren’t the same. Of course there can be exceptions. :D
  7. Google Image search isn’t a stock resource. I’m not someone to judge on what people use in their stuff, but seriously, if you want to be taken seriously and have more freedom with your finished artworks don’t use copyrighted material all over the place, ‘cuz in this case you won’t be able to print or sell them. There are tons of websites such as flickr or deviantART to use for stock images, plus you can find them in much better quality than what you can find on Google. :P Or you can photograph your own stock and use that.
  8.  Blend in. Blending of the various images to make them look like they are from one, can be tricky, so take your time on this. I personally find cutting out images much easier manually (i do it with tablet and eraser tool) because then you have much more control over the how sharp the edges of your subject become. If you use pen tool, pick up a blur tool at the opacity of 15%-20% depending on your background blur amount and run that through the edges (ex.2) , it will make the blending much more seamless. The other method would be to slightly paint over the edges of the subject selecting colors from the background close to it (ex.1). Or you can even use both. Light beams and lens flairs can be a good way to blend things into the whole image and make the artwork a whole. 
  9. Proportions. Proportions like perspective of objects is a very important thing in images. Make sure everything looks RIGHT. You don’t need rules for that, because just by looking at things you can tell if that looks like one thing is in proportion of others or not. Unless, of course, the intention is to make things look out of proportion, then go ahead break all the natural instincts haha~
  10. Learn to paint digitally/ get a tablet. Trust me this makes a gigantic difference, you can paint hair or fabrics or even repaint faces and do so much more that will bring your pieces to the next level (I hadn’t got to the level of painting faces yet, but i am getting there haha~)! You can refine details or add more to them. And a tablet is that one tool that makes the whole process so much faster and easier. It gives you more freedom and control over the actions and opacity of the effects you are doing. I’m not a pro but if you asked any of them, they would tell you that if you are thinking about taking a path in retouching/photo editing/manipulating you should invest into a tablet. I can assure you, once you try that and get a hold of it, you will never want to go back to doing it it by mouse. And with painting your works will have this “is this a dream or is this reality?” kind of feel to them. It’s a preference thing, but i personally love it! *_*

Welll, that’s all. Mmmm… i was actualy thinking of making some videos if i figure out how, on certain tips to elaborate on them and show some examples. But i am not sure if anyone would be interested enough.  But anyways, this is it for now. I hope some of these help out at least a little.!



"Silver" ft. Alan Dawa Dolma